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Project Feasibility Reports


We provide lending institutions with an independent perspective on the feasibility of a specific project.  When lenders are underwriting a real estate project we review and evaluate all of the project’s due diligence documents such as, environmental reports, geotechnical reports, utility letters, zoning documents, civil and building plans and specifications, general contractor contract, project schedule, permits, leases, contracts, etc. and provide a detailed report with conclusions on the actual project status, timeframe to begin & complete construction, outstanding items, and potential risks.  

·         Visit the site to perform an evaluation of the existing property (building if applicable) and surrounding properties in order to understand the existing on-site conditions and potential challenges for the development plan. 

·         Review all developer provided reports such as environmental, geotechnical, construction design documents, permits, leases, contracts, etc. to determine the project status, schedule to commence construction, and potential risks.

·         Verify the existing zoning of the property; understand procedures, timelines, and challenges for rezoning. 

·         Contact the proper municipality to understand the required development approvals, timelines and challenges. 

·         Verify utility services, capacities, moratoriums, etc. 

·         Provide a complete, thorough and concise report that provides details and background information for the above items.


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